"The fox knows many tricks. The hedgehog knows one good one."  -Archilocus

SilverFern is a marketing and sales management firm located in Chicago, IL. A result of four regional independent sales companies collaborating and combining their efforts, SilverFern responds to a demand from large corporations for a more effective and results-driven marketing technique than traditional mass media channels. The strategies incorporated by SilverFern are driven by one simple concept: face to face. People dealing with people. No other form of marketing can deliver such personal, precise, and professional results. Large organizations tend to lose touch with their customer base and therefore lose sight of the needs of those customers. Large companies also have the distractions of many divisions and branches all vying for direction, sometimes at the expense of other internal goals and objectives. At SilverFern, we have chosen to specialize in only one skill set, and to become an undisputed master of our craft. Our clients are superb at creating products and services that are not only desired by the consuming public, but coveted by their competitors. All they require is a work force that only succeeds when they deliver results to them. This is where SilverFern steps in.  

Welcome to SilverFern MLW

Fall 2014: Upcoming Events

R & R Weekend in Bahamas: October 23-October 26

​Leaders Conference in Chicago: November 9

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Loop Location:

111 W Jackson

Suite 1700

Chicago, IL 60604

Main Office:

4849 N Milwaukee Ave

Suite 407

Chicago, IL 60630